Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Beauty of the Beautiful Mind

We meet hundreds of people in a week and almost met thousands in our life, but there are just a few of them from which we get inspired and wants to be just like them. So today I am going to give you those tips and moral codes which are adopted or part of those personalities from which you get inspired. By adopting or making these tips, you would surely become the one from which people get inspired and make your life beautiful too.


They are passionate about their goals because they have a crystal clear vision. They know about their strengths and weaknesses, obviously not the common ones. They have the spark and they use it to make fire. Great people work on themselves to find their inner skill, master it and show it to the world.

“You’ve always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

Spread Positivity:

“Be with someone who brings out the best in you. Not the stress in you”

That’s the habit of the people having a beautiful mind which sustains their ability.
They ignore the distress and try to keep themselves away from discouraging objects. They make their surroundings positive and make them beautiful. They keep the company of their likings and people with same thoughts. They spread and cultivates positivity.

Beautiful Heart + Beautiful Mind = Creation and Cultivation of beauty

Prepare themselves:

People who have done great are those who are the most ambitious and innovative. They don’t copy others, in fact, they come up with their own new and creative ideas.
Most of you would say that they are GOD GIFTED 0r lucky. Well, I don’t agree much with you on this, because it's not the case every time.

“Luck favors the prepared mind”

There are so many examples people who were not brilliant enough first but gradually they invest in themselves to be brilliant and to compete with the GOD gifted ones.

If you’re not going to invest in yourself, what will you invest in then?

Ambitious people get their motivation from their ideal and start doing by themselves.They educate themselves and update their knowledge on a regular basis so that they could not be in the stream of losers.

“If you want to be powerful, EDUCATE yourself.”


People with beautiful mind have another beautiful and powerful skill which is their 'confidence’. They are self-confident, intelligent and ambitious. Confident people always excel in every field. They take risks and face the failure (if they fail).

“Confidence and intelligence will never stop being beautiful.”

Inspiring Attitude:

Beautiful minds inspire others. People having a beautiful mind are always helping and they try to enlighten the ones who need their guidance. They appreciate the work of others and give them the credit, in spite of discouraging them or letting them down. They inspire others with their attitude and charisma.
"No man will become a great leader who wants to get all the credit for doing it"

Listen to Others:

They think people as the greatest source of knowledge. Because no one knows where the next great idea will come from. So they listen to them, encourage them and give them proper feedback where or when required.

Forgive Anyway:

People with beautiful mind keep another ability, that is to forgive. How worse the scenario becomes, they ignore the negative and forgive.

“When someone does something wrong, don’t forget all the things they did right.”

Great people know that there are situations with everyone when they do something to others which they shouldn’t. They realize that there would be something bad in others life, and which they are unable to handle. So they forgive, (either that person apologizes or not) and move on.

“It takes a heart to forgive and a brain to move on.”

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