Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Things to do when you are Depressed

Sometimes managing your depression is less about what you add to your life, and more about what you take away. Here are 7 things that should be done under depression. These have all become such ingrained habits in me that I don’t even have to think about them anymore.

Ignore/Stop Worrying:

Worrying makes you stressed out but doesn’t actually change anything, as much as we wish it would. So then you have two options: either do something to actively change the situation, or don’t worry about it. Either way is going to be a lot more productive than ruminating over things you might not even be able to control.So ignore and stop worrying about that.

Don't Compare Yourself to other People:
Everyone is on their own unique journey. "Wherever you are right now is exactly where ALLAH needs you to be." Just trust HIM. So don't compare yourself with other people's life and their comforts.You are blessed too in some other way,so keep putting one foot in front of the other and taking baby steps every day and your time will come.
Keep you Phone at Distance:
Checking your phone constantly just gives you anxiety because either something needs your attention (like an email or text) or you’re stressed out because nothing needs your attention and you’re wondering why people aren’t texting you. A lot of people are glued to their phones throughout the day, but I usually have my phone in my room plugged in and only check it a few times a day (unless I’m talking to someone). If you’re out and about, check out your surroundings or do a little people-watching. It’s not that scary to not always be on your phone.
Engage Yourself:
This is similar to the one about checking your phone all day. If you find yourself constantly doing this,maybe it’s time to replace that habit with a new one. If you feel yourself alone in public and don’t want to look that way, maybe you can read an inspirational blog or listen to some motivational speech on Youtube. Or maybe you can write your own blog. So engage yourself in some healthy activity to divert your mind from the depressing state to a productive one.
Play Games:
I’ve always been terrible at video games, but I guess that’s a good thing because I’m happier for it. For some people video games are a way to release stress, but they’re really violent and seem to cause you more anxiety than they relieve. If you play a lot of video games, consider reading a personal development book or watching an inspirational TED talk instead. A lot less violence and a happier you.
Don't Complain:
Finally, the last thing not to do in depression is to complain. Sure, there are times when everyone wants to whine about things and to complain. Complaining is just a bad habit, like anything else, so have faith in ALLAH and try going a whole day without complaining ,you'll see how your attitude changes.