Sunday, August 12, 2018

How to Stop Worrying and Start Doing

Worry is a powerful emotion. It's what keeps many people awake at night and is what gnaws away at people as they try to work, enjoy their lives and even when they try to relax. For many people, worry becomes worse and they feel anxiety which is itself a negative emotion. It becomes like a habit for them. They become more anxious at doing things. They feel like, it would consume them eventually. But like other habits and emotions, it could be changed. What people like these mostly do is that they don't focus -on their goals or pleasures.
Today, I am going to give you the best possible ways in which anyone could change his/her habit of worrying and starts doing.

Fact or Fiction?
First of all, you have to stay calm and think about your worry. Is it a real factual thing or just any sort of fiction or thought you are carrying as a burden? It would make the image of your worry clear that how could you make it go away in case of fiction or solve the real factual problem, which leads to my second way to stop worrying.

Resolve the Problem:
There is a big difference between worrying and problem-solving. In the former, you keep yourself in a cycle of continuous thinking about the problem, while in the later one, if you face a problem, you start thinking for its solution. In today's life, everyone is facing some kind of problems, so no one is above them. The difference comes where one starts to worry and the other person thinks for its solution. My advice is to put on your problem-solver hat and starts thinking for the solution.

Don't Overthink:
‘Constant thinking will not take you far from the place you are now. Actions will.’
You can think all day long but you'll make no progress unless you start doing. Worry can cause you to procrastinate and avoid doing something which you would really like to do. Until you start translating your thoughts and solution into actions, they are worthless. You worry that something may go wrong so you don't take action. If you never take action, you ever really know whether the outcome will be on your side or same outcome you were worried about. Even with a bad solution or idea, you'll have something to learn from it.

Live in the Present:
Worry is the enemy of joy. Worry is triggered by thinking about future events. The more you think about these events, the more you realize that the outcome is uncertain. Rather than thinking about the future, chose to live in the present, focus on it.

Use these basic and productive strategies and to stop worrying and start living. That's how you could beat worry and can enjoy the life.